“Killin’ Monsters, waiting for Meth” – Method Man show in OC

Anyone who’s read my interviews or artist statements has an understanding of how influential Hip-Hop has been on my life and art. Very few emcees have had an effect quite the way Method Man has. Snoop and the West Coast were the first to catch my ear in grade school, ‘Doggystyle’ was my first album. But my taste for Hip-Hop really forged in middle school and high school – Method Man, Redman and Bone Thugs N Harmony formed my foundation.

Dubs in the air!

Admittedly Method Man was the reason I started listening to Wu in the first place. I know now that with each solo album coming out the Clan I grew to better understand and appreciate Wu as individuals, therefore only exponentially growing my appreciation for the team. But if you boil it down, Method Man got me hooked. I still trip off the fact that the two most influential rap entities (Method Man & BTNH) were the only ones to record tracks both with Biggie & Pac. I still think that had a lot to do with why I didn’t hold much merit in the East Coast/West Coast beef – my “team” was a peace with both sides. It’s also worth while to note just how relevant Method Man & all of Wu have been in both times of feast and times of famine. Whether you’re broke and strugglin’ or ballin’ and makin’ that C.R.E.A.M. – Wu was there and they were real about it.

With that lead in, about 2 months ago a collector & friend of mine, Jamie from Drunk Off Shoes, hit backstage at a Method Man show in Montreal. Jamie blessed Meth with some PROFITink tees and shocked the hell outta me with a Face Time call from the Ticallian Stallion, brief and just enough time to let the man know what an influence he’s been…

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A few weeks later a friend on Instagram tags me in a pic by @sunshine3173 of Method Man performing in Chicago. I was blown away to see my favorite Killer Bee rockin’ the ‘Profit Major’ Grizzy G.A.S. tee from PROFITink.com. And in perfect form, not only was he rockin’ it but you could tell he was havin’ a helluva  time. Truly priceless.

_Method Man in Chicago Profit Major
Method Man rockin’ ‘PROFIT MAJOR’ tee in Chicago photo credit: @sunshine3173

When that same friend who tagged me in the pic, Steve aka @SHO714, invited me and Sebastian Bleak (fellow big time Method Man fan) to a show in the OC, we jumped at the chance. Steve mentioned he had some tricks up his sleeve and told me to bring some gear and my camera. As the show ended Steve texted me from side stage to bring the tees and camera, I had an idea of what was about to go down. Before being able to work as an artist full time, I worked more than 10 years behind the scenes to varied capacities and job duties in the music industry, and in that many years you get to meet a lot of cool folks. I’ve sat and talked with Too $hort, and worked/photographed/smoked with Snoop – all an honor, all things checked off my ‘Bucket List’… I’m proud to say it still means a lot to meet these personal heroes, Hip-Hop icons and powerful artists. When Steve introduced me and Sebastian Bleak to Method Man last night after the show we were blown away at his ability to connect on a human level, be always entertaining and that after 20 years doing his thing it still brought him happiness.

Sebastian Bleak, Steve @SHO714, Freehand Profit & @mickeycal kickin’ it before the show
_Method Man OC 3-3-2013 013
Method Man & Steve @SHO714

Happy Birthday Meth, honored that you spent it in LA & the OC. Thanks for rockin’ that stage like the legend you are and for treatin’ a couple of grown ass fanboys like members of the Swarm. Salute, respect & blessings.

_Method Man OC 3-3-2013 015
Double Dubs with Sebastian Bleak, Method Man & Freehand Profit

Be sure to keep an eye out for a Method Man show by you.

Thanks to Drunk Off Shoes for setting off the domino effect, to @sunshine3173 for the great photos from the Chicago show, and of course to Steve (@SHO714) for bringing me and Seb out to the OC for a killer show.

Catch Freehand Profit LIVE in Montreal 5.18

But wait, WTF is up with the title of this post? Easy, Sebastian and I got down to the OC about an hour early. Killin’ time, when asked what he was up to, Sebastian casually replied “Killin’ Monsters, waitin’ on Meth.” – what a perfect way to put it, and how wrong that can be taken. LOL

Here’s a rough video so you can get a taste:

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  1. Hahahaha!!! You used my title =P
    That was a fun night homie. Thanks!!!

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