New mask by Freehand Profit made from Lebron 9 “Summit Lake Hornets”


A lot of folks have been wondering when I’d get around to working with a pair of Lebron 9s (because let’s be honest, the Elites are a whole ‘nother beast). I’ve been keeping this beauty under wraps as an exclusive for my book “Army of the Undeadstock” which released last November on Since then it’s also traveled to Miami with me for Art Basel with the folks from 8 and 9 Clothing. The lovely and talented Betsy VanDesuen (PinUp Model & Artist) modeled the piece back in October while on tour of a deserted island, about 11 miles off the coast of SoCal.


Make sure to check out more pics in the gallery below!

The shoot was a lot of fun, thanks to Betsy’s family for treating us with a trip to Anacapa Island and for excusing my workaholic habits while on a family vacation. We sure got some strange looks but it was worth it to get these shots. Makes me think of all the places I’d love to photograph a mask – the Great Pyramids, Chernobyl, or a themed one like a Statue of Liberty Hyperposite mask shot at the Statue of Liberty? Too much, maybe. We’ll see. Be sure to follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @freehandprofit for daily updates and peeks into Freehand Profit’s studio.



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