Freehand Profit unveils Jordan “GMP” Masks from #ArmyoftheUndeadstock

What better way to kick of a new Golden Era & new year than with new masks – golden masks at that! 2012 brought us countless sought after kicks from the various brands but Jordan Brand really made sure they took the lead. In August they delivered with the “Golden Moments Package” featuring white & gold VIs and black & gold VIIs. I teamed up with the good folks at Drunk Off Shoes in Montreal to chop the “GMP”s in order to feature the resulting masks in my book “Army of the Undeadstock”.

_November 4 masks 535

“Army of the Undeadstock” released 11.28.12. The book features more than 250 pages of full color photographs showcasing nearly every sneaker mask I’ve created over the course of the past few years. Each mask (more than 30 total) is accompanied by a custom crafted haiku written by San Diego poet B(e) Selah. The book features 2 forwards, one by Woody (editor of Sneaker Freaker) representing the sneaker community and one by Noah Scalin (creator of Skull-A-Day) representing the art world. More than 10 new masks were made exclusively for the release of the book, the “GMP” masks were part of that group and this is the first time they’ve been viewable online.

This is Freehand Profit’s first book, get this 1st Edition now before it’s too late! -CLICK to visit the shop on 

_November 4 masks 307

Be sure to stay tuned to in 2013 for an onslaught of new work by Freehand Profit. I’ll be releasing 2 new masks a month (on the 1st & 15th), along with new designs & tees on each week and of course behind the scenes peeks on this site and all the various social networks (Twitter, IG, Facebook, etc).

_November 4 masks 129

The most frequently asked question is “Are these for sale?” The answer is of course, selling my work allows me to continue my work and to create bigger & better pieces each time. These masks however were commissioned and will not be available to purchase. All the masks are 1 of 1 and I will not be making any more masks from the Jordan “Golden Moments Pack”. Want more info on how to get your hands on a mask? Check out the FAQ for answers & contact info!

 Some folks may never understand just why I sacrifice the shoes I love for the art I make. That’s just fine by me. The masks are a reflection of the world through my eyes; the same way most art relates to the artist. My work embodies the duality of the state of our world – consumed by consumption and constantly at war with ourselves (both our planet as a whole and within the smaller microcosm of Hip-Hop). I’ve said it before but once again for the newbies: I’m not looking to condemn our passions but instead to open conversations and possibly realign our priorities. Like I said in my book, “Army of the Undeadstock”, I’m not ready to give up my materialistic ways but I’m willing to reconsider the power I give them.

Big thanks to my homies from Death VS Life for modeling these masks. It truly wouldn’t have been the same without you. (They even brought their own props- that treasure chest set it off!)

Here’s a video preview of “Army of the Undeadstock” for you, this was shot with an early sample copy of only 130 pages – the final product that is available for sale on is TWICE AS BIG! You’re welcome.

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