UNDS EVERYTHING: New tee from PROFITink.com

Year of the Snake is all about that hard work baby, well more of it at least. I’ll be bustin’ my ass bringin’ you new masks, designs & tees so be sure to stick close. The Jordan GMP masks featured in “Army of the Undeadstock” release here on FREEHANDPROFIT.com in just 4 days. Be sure to pick up your copy for other exclusive masks,  I’m down to about 50 of the 1st Edition books – there WILL be a 2nd Edition but no telling when and it assuredly won’t have all the same goodies featured in the 1st Edition. Support the arts by supporting artists, real talk.

It ain’t about what’s in your closet, it’s about what’s on your feet. March with Army of the Undeadstock, rock your heat with pride – this tee just cosigns the mentality, ya dig? UNDS EVERYTHING, complete with an Army of the Undeadstock watermark.



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