@ZodiakKilla releases “Death of the Zodiak – The Final Numbers”

Those of you finding yourselves on this site probably already know the importance of the daily creative project (MASK365) to my current body of work and the success that has followed. In a similar vein- fellow Fat Chance Crew member and the villainous venomous MC from Venice- Zodiak Killa has been releasing a mixtape/album every year since 2005. Not on just any old day, but each year Zo’ dropped his lyrical time bombs on us on days aligning the day/month/year – as in 5/5/05, 6/6/06, 7/7/07 & so on.

May 5, 2005 – Hellz Angel


June 6, 2006 – 6.6.6. The Dirty Version


July 7, 2007 – ZoJay’s Revenge

August 8, 2008 – Jungle Team: Forced Entry (ambigram design by Freehand Profit)


September 9, 2009 – A Love Story


October 10, 2010 – Machete (cover by Freehand Profit)


November 11, 2011 – Window of Disbelief (cover by Freehand Profit)


… and last but certainly not least…

Today, December 12, 2012, Zodiak Killa hits us with:

 Death of the Zodiak – The Final Numbers


Click to Download for FREE!
Click to Download for FREE!

Take a listen and download Death of the Zodiak – The Final Numbers for FREE right here on FREEHANDPROFIT.com



It was an honor to work with Zodiak Killa on this album cover, not just because I consider him a brother but because I truly think he embodies the spirit of Hip-Hop. The days to come will mark an end  of many things regardless of what the mysterious Mayans have or don’t have in store for us. For many 2012 can’t be over soon enough, but it also marks the very last of the numerical mixtapes from Zo’. Playing with all these themes and knowing the cyclical nature of things, I re-imagined the Chinese zodiac as an undead Mayan calendar. Spin the wheel and let’s hope the Year of the Snake leads us into a Golden Era of enlightenment – or bring back Twinkies at least, shit.

‘Til next time true believers,

Freehand Profit

For more insight into who Zodiak Killa is:

One of my personal favorites:

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