A return to real Hip-Hop…

Can we finally announce the death of the saying “hip-hop is dead”? Recently we’ve witnessed an influx of music that gives us that “fuck yeah” feeling again. Here’s a couple recent videos that have been playing while I have been hard at work putting cherries on the “Army of the Undeadstock” sundae. 10 new masks, countless new photos and it looks like it may even break the 200 page mark. While you’re bouncing through YouTube you can check out the video preview of the book here and if you haven’t yet you can Pre-Order your copy of “Army of the Undeadstockhere.

ELG aka Emɐnuǝl X, if you’re not familiar yet, is wise beyond his 19 years, hailing from Philly. His EP ‘Deadstock‘ (FREE DOWNLOAD) has been on heavy rotation in the studio for the past few months while I complete new work for the book. He dropped this video for ‘In My Mind’ recently and you won’t be disappointed.

Next week ‘Psycho White’, the Yelawolf X Travis Barker EP, drops and I been a huge fan of those two collab’in’ since ‘Let’s Go’. “Push ‘Em” went ham and “Whistle Dixie” doesn’t let up. You can pre-order ‘Psycho White’ here.

My last trip home to the DC/NoVA for Sneaker Pimps floored me with the great beats and bars coming out the DMV. My man JE the Vandl delivers with this one.

And as I’m listening to the new Lupe ‘Food & Liquor 2’ I can’t help but feel a tie to these lyrics:

“A friend request following a hash tag
Now everybody want it like the last laugh
A Michael Jackson jacket or a daft mask
Purple Jordans or the mixed girl in your math class”

-Lupe Fiasco, Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)

First time I heard it I coulda swore he said ‘…or as gas mask/ Purple Jordans’

And if you ain’t heard Rittz yet, now’s the time.

Of course a shout goes to the homies from IV Parallels, Suspect & Madd Illz been killin’ it.

Stay tuned for Zodiak Killa‘s 12.12.12 release too, he’s been burning bars like he’s doing it for the insurance money.

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