Click for more info on the ‘Bunyip’ via Sneaker Freaker

By now you realize I have an over active obsession with kicks and masks, what you may not know is I also have a fascination with creatures of legends, UFOs, ancient civilizations, conspiracies and secret societies. You can call it Sci-Fi, occult, weirdo shit or whatever else have you but when I read about the concept behind SNEAKER FREAKER’s collab with Puma earlier this year I knew it was time to put the Nikes and Jordans aside for a bit and chop up a pair of this mythical collabo.

The ‘Bunyip’ is like an Australian Bigfoot but the SF xPuma shoe features super soft, thick cut goat suede and a crepe rubber sole. A truly luxurious pair of sneakers, that I just had to dissect to see how the ‘Bunyip’ would manifest itself in the form of one of my signature gas mask creations. Thanks goes to B(e) Selah and Sebastian Bleak for their help with this photo shoot.

Stay tuned as I reveal a new mask every week leading up to the official release of my first book “Army of the Undeadstock”. The book will feature more than 170 pages of full color photographs showcasing nearly every sneaker mask I’ve created over the course of the past few years. Each mask (more than 30 total) will also be accompanied by a custom crafted haiku written by San Diego poet B(e) Selah. The book will also feature 2 forwards, one by Woody (editor of Sneaker Freaker) representing the sneaker community and one by Noah Scalin (creator of Skull-A-Day) representing the art world. ”Army of the Undeadstock” will be released November 28th and will retail for $57.50 (wakka wakka) but if you pre-order you can get a copy for just $50 + shipping. The first 100 pre-orders will be signed by both B(e) Selah and myself. Pre-orders will also be the only way to guarantee to get a copy by Christmas  and will only be available until November 8th so act fast. I’ve chosen to publish the book independently to start, so everyone’s support is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned, I’ll be teaming up with NiceKicks.com next month to giveaway the Cement IV mask as seen on the cover!

If you Pre-Order now you have a chance at winning a free commissioned mask by Freehand Profit! Click here to find out more.

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