Heat on Display: The work of @Eric_Rane

Instagram has proved itself an immensely influential social network, one that has thrived thanks to communities like the sneaker community and the art world. Thankfully it’s also proved a useful tool for the many talented artists out there to reach a wider audience by doing what we do best, create interesting content. @Eric_Rane is a prime example of just how a perfect storm of creative talent,  great sneakers and technical skill can come together. His pictures inspire me to push the limits and think bigger when shooting my own photographs. Be sure to follow the homie: @Eric_Rane for more awe-inspiring sole captures. -Freehand Profit

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About @Eric_Rane:

“April 26th, 1992, There was a riot on the streets, Tell me where were you?” @eric_rane was sitting in his third grade class, rocking his OG Black-Red VIIs that released shortly following their debut on Jordan’s feet in the 1992 playoffs.  His mother, who had always appreciated a fine pair of shoes, had relented and he was the only kid in class with the latest Air Jordans . . .  Fast forward 20 years and Eric has turned his childhood love into a passion for collecting sneakers, and capturing them through a lens. If you were so foolish as to ask him, “If your house were burning down and you could only grab 5 pair, what would they be?”  You may end up in an hour long discussion including Lightnings, Nike Air IVs, OG Concords he restored himself, Laney XIVs, Grape Vs and phrases like “Ronnie Fieg Asics, but which one?”, “Gotta grab the Space Jams, Toro Bravo Vs, banned 1s,” “And of course, black-red VIIs”, “Don’t forget Aqua VIIIs and Black Laser IVs,” “But it’s like leaving one of your children behind.” -such is the life of a sneakerhead, and his wife who’d be toting five more boxes.

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