An Update from Freehand Profit


Hey guys!

First let me thank everyone again for the continued and growing support. I have a lot of great pieces in the works and I’m looking forward to the release of “Army of the Undeadstock”: Freehand Profit X B(e)Selah. I wanted to announce a few updates and temporary changes to come. First is that I will not be taking any new commissioned work for a while – this blackout period, as I like to think of it, is just to focus on the commissioned work that has already come in and to focus on the completion of my book. Once the current line up is completed I’ll announce when commissions are available again. In the meantime any available masks will be for sale through I’m truly humbled by the amount of interest but my effort to quickly respond to every email/tweet/message  has greatly reduced my creative/production time. So for the next few weeks I ask your patience as I go not off the grid but just a bit away from it. Of course any questions about an order through will be answered in a timely fashion and orders will still ship out as they have been. I’ll also do my best to continue to post original content for your enjoyment, I’ll just be less likely to be available for comments. To help with this I’ll be putting together a FAQ with answers to the most common questions.

Thank you again for the amazing response that my work has garnered in the past months. It’s truly a dream come true for an artist and I plan to work that much harder on this and all of my projects to follow. Much love and respect. – Gary Lockwood (Freehand Profit)

I will continue to post new masks released here on, plus there will be new exclusives that will be seen for the first time in “Army of the Undeadstock”: Freehand Profit X B(e)Selah. The book will release in November to allow for some of the new commissioned work to be featured as well.

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  1. brios40 says:

    I need one of these gas masks

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