New! Air Jordan Olympic VI Gas Mask

As promised, I’ve been hard at work in the lab creating new pieces for “Army of the Undeadstock”. The book will feature more than 100  pages of sneaker masks (including brand new, never before seen masks ) accompanied by haikus written by San Diego poet – B(e) Selah. If you’re getting too impatient you can see 5 masks on tour with Sneaker Pimps as they celebrate their 10 year anniversary. It all kicks off in LA and I’ll be there in full force with the Fat Chance Crew. Come down and be a part of the culture. Buy tickets here. For the rest of you, here’s the newest piece – made from a single pair of Olympic VIs.

With 3 days away from the finale of the 2012 Summer Olympics the US leads with the most total medals (81) and is only 2 Gold Medals away from the number 1 spot held by China. The release of the Air Jordan “Olympic” VIs and VIIs this summer brought back memories of the true Dream Team and hopes that the 2012 team can prove they’re the best in the world. Many sneakerheads found themselves searching couch cushions for any spare change with all that the Olympic games brought to the shoe game (Don’t worry I’m not talking about you, we all know you’re ballin’).

These were the first 6s I’ve deconstructed and I’m real glad I was able to cop a pair from Millennium Shoes, despite the hype surrounding this retro I only had to wait 4 hours morning of the release. Still working on getting a pair for my personal collection, I’m a big fan of tumbled leather on Jordans.

The fact that I was only able to get one pair gave me the perfect excuse to try something new for this photo shoot: I put out an open call to LA sneakerheads via Instagram/Twitter/FB that I was looking for someone willing to undeadstock their 6s and rock ’em with the Olympic 6 gas mask. The response was great and I’m looking forward to working with more new folks. thankfully Juan C. Godoy aka “Moreno” from Most Dope Kickz was available on short notice and we set out to capture the character of my newest creation. Thanks again Moreno!

You’ll also notice the newest tee from – Limited Edition “Olympic” Pitbull G.A.S. tee in Navy is available now but limited to only 30 shirts total. 

And stay tuned, I’ll be giving away a mask made from Cement IVs to celebrate the launch of my first book!

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Noah says:

    Wow! So much great stuff all in one post! You’re really taking things to the next level. Can’t wait to see the book. And that’s fantastic about the Sneaker Pimps gig!

  2. btrain says:

    Do you know of any place online that sells unique hip hops masks? And do you make custom masks for people?

  3. cameron says:

    Would like to purchase.

    And can i provide you with a shoe and you build a mask?

  4. Hendrix Backman says:

    Been scopin your creative concepts with the masks for awhile now and the meaning of your creations are genius Profit ,because i to share a passion for Jordans and when i see your shit it sends a chill up my spine that has my mind thinkn about the future when i look into my sons eyes but at the same time inspires my artistic side and i know ya gotta be thinkin about dismemberin a pair of 5’s and breathin new life into a gas mask straight purified with that Jordan Vibe leavin us really to think about whats important in life………………….shits dope cant wait for the book peace

  5. torey says:

    I just want to say this is sick…. you guys are so talented who thinks of this?? Y’all have a hell of an imagination all of the masks are sick…..are they available for purchase???….

    1. Hi Torey, My name’s Gary (Freehand Profit) I am the solo artist behind this work. Thanks for your support. You can find out more about purchasing a mask on the FAQ page but the average cost of a commissioned mask is $2000-3000 plus materials (you supply the shoes) and shipping. Each piece is a 1 of 1, I will do just about any sneaker once, for example I’ve done the Black Cement IIIs already so there won’t be a second mask made with those BUT other colorways of the Jordan 3s are available.

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