EA Sports X Freehand Profit: Football Helmet made from Nike Trainer 1.3 Mids

This new piece was a collaboration between EA Sports and myself and was a number of firsts. With the exception of 3, all sneakers masks I’ve made so far come from a single pair of kicks. On this helmet however, because of EA’s generosity, I was able to utilize 3 pairs of Nike Trainer 1.3 Mids which gave me the freedom to create elements such as the ridge of NIKE logos down the center of the helmet. I’m real happy with the way that ridge turned out, it reminds of what a dragon’s spine might look like. That was important to shaping this piece, I wanted to create a helmet that embodied the idea of a “game face” – this tied closely with the idea of being “a beast on the field”. These ideas came in to play also when creating the art for the eye shield. This is also the first piece that I stepped away from simply tinting the lenses to fully customizing them. Originally I had reached out to numerous local shops who specialize in vehicle wraps, we’ve all seen cars with full wraps that have graphics over the windows – my goal was to use that same technique to start customizing the lenses for my masks. NO LUCK, not a single reply – oh well, that’s why I go to Imprint Revolution… well that and I used to work there. They helped me print some new sample materials and when applied over a silver tint I was extremely happy with the results. It was also the first time my long time friend Jonah modeled on my sneaker masks, as a football coach, EA fan and big supporter of my work he was the perfect choice to model this piece.Thanks brother! Take a look and let me know what you think! – Freehand Profit (Gary Lockwood)

It was a pleasure and honor to work with EA Sports, big thanks to Brent & Amber for everything!


Check out MASK365 on Facebook for more pictures

There are a number of new masks completed that will be releasing soon, some will be hitting the road with Sneaker Pimps, others will be exclusives in my book ‘Army of the Undeadstock’ releasing soon.


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