Mini G.A.S. Mask sculptures by ‘Graffiti99’

Papa Smurf G.A.S. Mask from the MASK365 Project

It’s always an honor to be able to inspire other artists. ‘Graffiti99’ this weekend showed off some impressive incarnations of my Guerrilla Art Squadron series on Instagram. Here’s what ‘Graffiti99’ had to say:

Most of my art is inspired by pictures or paintings I have seen. Other artists sculptures or creations also inspire me to make my sculptures. I have been a sculptor for around 5 years, but i have always loved art. I do not have a set price for my sculpture so just make me an offer. If you do ever have a mask up for trade I would love to make a custom piece for you.
Sincerely, Graffiti99
Click to see the G.A.S. line up on FB
See the designs that inspired these on MASK365’s FB
@Graffiti99 (IG) re-imagines the G.A.S. series by Freehand Profit in clay minis

Great work Graffiti99, thanks for the love! Which one’s your favorite?

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