New mask! Nike Zoom Lebron IV “Dunkman” Gas Mask by Freehand Profit

Amongst the classic sneaker styles few newer styles break through into kick history like a Lebron. And as King James and fellow shoe success KD face off tonight in Game 5. Blood will be boiling in the Miami summer as it becomes more a battle of the hot shot newbie vs. the little engine that could.

Last week I completed the newest sneaker gas mask made from a pair of Nike Zoom Lebron IV “Dunkman”s. The shoes were provided by a collector who commissioned the work. This rare shoe is recognizable by its “Dunkman” colorway, a request from Lebron himself. (source: ) These shoes were built tough, I had to be careful making each cut but I also had to put force behind my cuts. It wasn’t easy but as I’ve mentioned that’s an important part of the work to me.   

For more pics be sure to follow me on Twitter & IG: @freehandprofit or click here to find me on Facebook.

The work is my way of keeping my consumerist demons at bay, and I say that coming from a perspective that capitalist/consumer culture is not entirely evil. Most sneakerheads will admit that there’s an imaginary line you cross, taking you from someone who’s willing to camp out for a pair of Retros for a night or two and turning you into someone who’s racking up credit card debt or not taking care of your responsibilities because you just paid $2500 for a pair of Yeezy IIs. My way of finding that line is to very literally sacrifice something cherished in order to create something.

Prints of this mask will be available through & Society6 later in the day.

If you’re still wondering why that something is a gas mask just take a moment to read back through some of the ‘Branding Wars’ posts, I’ve written about those ‘why’s many times before and maybe I’ll address that again with the next piece. The body of work is about that continued exploration as well, answers come and go and questions are always welcomed. – Freehand Profit

Big thanks as always to my brother in arms Sebastian Bleak & my lovely lady Betsy VanDeusen for their help making the photo shoots happen. I’m sure you two know this but I couldn’t do it without you. And of course it just wouldn’t be as much fun without all of my supporters, old and new, much love!

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  1. Matt says:

    God you suck. Just go away already.

  2. Loving the design again man when is this up for purchase?

    1. Thanks for all the love Daniel, this piece was commissioned by a collector so it won’t be for sale. Available masks are sold through, commissioned work can be arranged via

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