Want a free sticker pack from Freehand Profit?


Thanks to everyone who participated! All the winners are in and you should have received a FB reply to your post on the entry page. 

Here’s how!

1. Follow this link to check out Freehand Profit’s ‘Art Takes Manhattan’ entry (http://garylockwood.artistswanted.org/atts2012)

2. Click ‘Collect’ (it will have you sign in via Facebook) Once you’ve signed in you may want to click ‘Collect’ again just to be sure – don’t worry each voter only counts once

3. Leave a comment on the entry page with the hashtag #FreehandProfitTakesNY

First 50 folks who’ve completed all of these steps will receive a 5 pc sticker pack plus one Collector Card from Freehand Profit. If you’ve already shown your support by voting you’re still eligable, just be sure to leave a comment (step 3). And if you want to be the first to know about giveaways like this one just follow @freehandprofit on Instagram and Twitter, or LIKE MASK365 on Facebook! Thanks for the love and support, I’ve got some great new projects releasing this summer. Stay up.

For more info on ‘Art Takes Manhattan’

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Jboogs317 says:

    #FreehandProfitTakesNY let’s get it homie!!! I can’t wait to see you up in lights!!

  2. Pablo says:


    1. Pablo says:


  3. T. Harris says:


  4. mostdope says:

    Yoo dope shit! Big fan from instagram! #FreehandProfitTakesNY

  5. Collected! #FreehandProfitTakesNY

  6. #FreehandProfitTakesNY – – Your work is priceless mang, keep doin what you do and let the good times roll!

  7. Cesare says:


    1. Hey Cesare, thanks for your support but voting has ended and all 50 winners are in for this giveaway, don’t worry though, there will be plenty more soon!

  8. How can I get a sticker pack now?do you sell them?

    1. New stickers coming soon to PROFITink.com

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