Sky Force 88 “Mighty Crown” Gas Mask & Seventh Letter Event

DAME (Seventh Letter) working on his piece @ the Landmark Shop

Fat Chance Crew (Sebastian Bleak, Zodiak Killa & myself) hit up an event at the Landmark Shop this Sunday to show support for fellow FCC member Mirage as a sponsor of the event. There’s really no better way to spend a sunny California day than meeting up with fellow graf-heads and writers.  DAME, ALOY, EVOL, OZER & TRAV from The Seventh Letter were there too delivering straight burners while the crowd watched and vibed to the sounds of Hip-Hop beating from the OG Huskey Radio booth. What better place to shoot shots of the newest mask? So between the smoke sessions and blackbook signing we squeezed in a photo shoot featuring Mirage wearing the Sky Force 88 “Mighty Crown” Gas Mask. Check out MASK365 on Facebook for more photos from the event and scroll down to see the newest sneaker gas mask.

The Sky Force 88 is such a classic shoe I had to work with it. The “Mighty Crown” edition was put together to mark the 20th anniversary of Mighty Crown (Japanese reggae legend- great sound from what little I’ve heard, their US availability is minimal). Like a lot of sneakerheads out there I’m a sucker for the 3M reflective material and these kicks delivered an abundance of it in combination with the scaly grey and silver textures.


For more pics of the mask check out MASK365 on Facebook.

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  1. Lovin the style man how do you even make those ;D and the graffiti in the background is a nice touch

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