Guerrilla Art Squadron Redux: Week 6

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Some of my favorite jobs of the many I’ve had have been working as a dog trainer/walker/caretaker at great dog daycares like Woofs! Dog Training and Cagefree Canine Camp & Rescue. I’ve always been a dog lover but when my dad brought home our first bully breed rescue, Winston Xavier (a pitbull/boxer mix) I gained a whole new love for a breed. In the more than 4 years working with hundreds of dogs my passion for bully breeds strengthened. Believe it or not, despite their portrayal in the media, working closely with pitbulls of all shapes and personalities, I don’t have a single bite or scratch from a bully (I can’t say the same for labradors or golden retrievers though!) Maybe that’s why the Pitbull G.A.S. mask was one of the first real animal G.A.S. masks. I gotta say though, I was never real happy with the original so I started from scratch. And in the spirit of Sebastian Bleak’s NSL project (Never Stop Learning – a weekly project begun by members of the Fat Chance Crew, Sebastian Bleak ran with it and has taken it to new heights) I also aimed to master a new technique. I’m no stranger to using patterns in Illustrator but when creating the seamless hair pattern I finally had the ‘ah-HA!’ moment. The bad news, Sebastian, being the Adobe guru that he is, has informed me that Illustrator CS6 will feature a much simpler way of making seamless patterns. Oh well, at least if the door’s locked I know how to get in the window.

And for my bully breed fans, I too was torn whether to go with the rednose or the blue colorway. Simple solution, two versions!

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  1. Allie Mae says:

    THIS! THIS IS AMAZING! I’m a graphic designer and a bully lover myself and currently working on a project for those misunderstood furballs. THIS is incredible. Keep up the amazing work. LOVE IT.

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