Guerrilla Art Squadron Redux: Week 4

Click to see the original King Tut G.A.S. mask

This week the King Tut G.A.S. mask, or as I like to call him “Tutbebombin”, is up for a remix. Good thing to, I loved the idea of Ancient Egyptian gas mask but looking back at the original left me luke warm about the results. This time around I’m much happier with the results. I’m still working on illustrating metal surfaces and I think the highlights and shadows I used throughout the piece really makes the gold actually look like gold (from a design perspective at least). The falcon on the headdress was also a new approach, using lights and darks to form the figurehead instead of the weighted outlines that are so prominent in the G.A.S. series. Enjoy, and make sure you check out the original so you can get a feel for just how far this piece came.

And if you’re in the DMV area and are free tomorrow night to see some great art, come out to the Corcoran 8-10PM. I’ll be there with 3 pieces, including a gas mask made from Chicago Xs that won’t be released on until later this month. I’m looking forward to meeting more of my fellow sneakerheads and art lovers.

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  1. Sir. Rosa says:

    I have seen your work with the sneakers and fell in love but if you can make this come to life as an actual peace…”the skies the limit!” keep up the work and you will always hold up to your name. Make that Profit.

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