Revisiting the Guerrilla Art Squadron

One of the series the came out of the MASK365 project was the Guerrilla Art Squadron. G.A.S. for short, is a series of 105 (at the moment) gas mask designs inspired by creatures, characters and more. I’ve been playing with the idea of putting them all together in book form but it’s hard to put work out that no longer reflects the best of your abilities. And as much as chasing perfection is a never ending task, in an attempt to put a best foot forward and also to keep improving I will be reworking each of the 105 masks and preparing them in a square format for presentation in the book. This will be a weekly creative project instead of daily like MASK365 for a few reason, A) I’m busy as all hell cutting up sneakers and making masks and B) I work quick and learning to take my time and keep working on something until it’s right isn’t usually a luxury I have and C) I need something to keep me busy so I don’t keep bothering my girlfriend Betsy when she’s working on her daily project LOL. Looking back, the “Pest” G.A.S. mask comes first, so here it is the very first G.A.S. Redux:

Click to check out the original.

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  1. Noah says:

    Wow, I thought the originals looked great, but you’re really taking it to the next level with this! I want to reserve my copy of the book now!

    1. Thanks Noah! I’ll for sure have a copy for you hot off the presses.

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