Gas Mask Pin Up Girl featured on Betsy VanDeusen’s Pin Up Daily Project

Betsy VanDeusen continues her amazing Pin Up daily creative project. Today she also features a piece we collaborated on for my MASK365 project. She modeled and photographed the poses and I would illustrate them. Check out her amazing blog.


Gas Mask Pin-Up Girl #3

More from the “Mask365” blog of Freehand Profit!!

This is our 2nd collaboration- I sent him some photos that I took of myself (using a tripod and remote), which he then worked with on Photoshop (using a Wacom tablet and awesome skill) to create this original Digital Illustration.

And in case you were wondering, those are my lipstick kisses! 😉

3 Comments Add yours

  1. billy hutchins says:

    hey man i got this tattooed on my leg would like a pic

  2. swilson says:

    Would like to get this tattooed but having a hard time getting a good enough picture to make a flash of it to transfer

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