New Branding Wars Mask from Freehand Profit! New Balance 1500 X Gas Mask

I know, I know y’all been itching for that Concord mask so here’s something to leap for: it releases February 29th here on In the meantime, in between time, I got another new one for ya. Blogs like,, and have been good to me and helped to share my work with fellow sneakerheads around the world. So when I caught a glimpse of the New Balance 1500 that NB and NiceKicks teamed up on I knew it wasn’t just another fresh pair that I wanted to cut up it’s also a chance to tip my hat to one of my favorite sites. This is also the first New Balance Branding Wars piece and it’s way past due. The look is classic and killer but props to Matt Halfhill from Nice Kicks for choosing such premium materials. Now that the mask is complete the pair I got to rock can now be put into rotation, something I’m really looking forward to (especially after this photo shoot!)

Ideally I would have taken these shots in the streets of Austin but when you gotta work with what you got, La Brea on a Saturday night is a helluva  location to snap some photos. Sebastian Bleak, fellow FCC (Fat Chance Crew) founder, teamed up with me on these shots and he really helped me knock it out the park. Another big thanks to the guys from Sunday Print for the ‘Friends and Fam Edition’ Wolf G.A.S. tees that they printed up for me, it really teamed up to set these shoes into insta-classics in my collection.

The characters that these shoes bring out when I’m making a mask are amazing. I had no foresight that this wolf-like creature would emerge from the 1500s. If that had been the intent I might have considered using my Wolf Grey Vs (then again probably not! lol). The lines, shapes and forms that each new shoe brings to the Chopping Block, in combination with the nature of the style of gas mask, intertwine to create a unique result each time. I only have one pair of shoes to use for each mask so I have to be aware of how much material I have and how much space I have to cover.

So there you have it, I “ruined” another pair of great shoes!

This shoe also came in at #9 in Complex’s Best Sneakers of 2011.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. diego juarez says:

    how much will it cost me to buy one?

    1. You can purchase some of the masks here:
      The Concord XI Mask drops tonight and will be up for auction through eBay, check back to at Midnight for a link to the auction. Commissioned pieces are also welcome, feel free to email me (Freehand Profit) at for more info.

      1. Ethan says:

        Would it be possible if you could commission one of these for me? if so, how much would it cost?

  2. Leo says:

    Sick work man!! I can’t wait to get one for my shop..

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