Nike Dunk Premium Gas Mask – New Branding Wars Piece by Freehand Profit

I like my Dunks higher than a giraffe’s ass. These brown/white “Camo” Dunks may be a bit low key and some of you slept on these. Needless to say this colorway screamed out to be made in to a mask. As promised the Concord mask is underway, I’ll be attempting to film the process so I can put together a time lapse video of the mask from start to finish.

This piece is the 16th Branding Wars mask and is a 1 of 1.

Thanks to everyone who checked out, shared and loved the Black Cement III Mask and other previous Branding Wars masks. Your support means the world to me, keep the emails and comments coming. I love hearing from fellow artists and sneakerheads.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I bet that this worked much better than the masks that they pass out today, for the cloth mask becomes moist and that traps anthrax spores.

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