spaceLUNA announces WAKE: Dia de los Muertos show

Make sure you check out spaceLUNA, a new gallery right in my neck of the woods on Wilshire. I’m excited about their upcoming show WAKE, featuring Dia de los Muertos art by LA’s hard working artists. I’ll let them explain better: “spaceLUNA is a new gallery space and pop-up venue located directly across from McArthur Park (off of Wilshire and Parkview) in the American Cement Building.  We foster and thrive on collaborations with local LA artists and organizations.  The focus of the gallery is to promote up-and-coming artists, showcase art that is “accessible” ($, as opposed to $$$) to the immediate community, create events and opportunities to expose art to a wider audience base.”

Please come out to support spaceLUNA and LA artists. Galleries like spaceLUNA make it possible for “unknown” artists to achieve their dreams and gain the exposure needed to make a living doing what we love.

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  1. Real artists dont have a choice about making art its simply a.matter of satisfying an insatiable urgency to.create………..Jazirock…Jessie Hemmons..Jessie Hemmons is Philadelphias Yarn.Bomber. I founded the Lifestyle Company Beautiful 2009 as a way of introducing my artwork as well as other LowBrow to the world….NAM…Paul Chatem.Paul Chatem was born in 1974 in Bellevue .Washington but grew up in La Crescenta on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

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