Candyman 187 & Freehand Profit customize a bullet proof mask

What happens when Candyman 187 & Freehand Profit team up?  You should know by now it’s straight dope.  Candyman 187 brought Freehand Profit a level 3 ballistic (that’s bullet proof fool) mask to customize.  After making a mask a day every day for a year for MASK365 this project lit up the creative lights.

Some info about the mask:

Ergonomically fit, the Level IIIA Ballistic Face Mask has been designed to maximize comfort while providing total front facial protection. Additional padding is incorporated at the forehead and either side of the face to maximize shock absorption from ballistic threats. A six point elastic attachment system allows the user to adjust for the perfect fit.

The Ballistic Face Mask provides total front facial protection against all Level 3A and lesser ballistic threats.

(In laymen’s terms it’s protected against pistols)

Want your own?  Freehand Profit does commissioned work so just shoot us a message.

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  1. jacob says:

    What are the price ranges lookin like?

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