You can quote me on that -or- Self-Inflicted Portfolio Course Week #4

We’re still pushing through a fundamental Fireworks tutorial on our Sunday Fundays in the hopes that we become as comfortable with FW as we are with PS and AI.  So to make sure we bring you something creative and interesting we decided to play with fundamentals in the programs we are comfortable with.  Assignment #4 was to choose a quote and design a minimalist-inspired poster focused on typography.  Share your answer to this week’s assignment or your favorite example of type heavy designs.

Freehand Profit’s Solution:  I went heavy with this project.  It’s such a staple of design portfolios, often times it becomes played out so I stayed away from them.  To help put a fire under everyone’s ass I posted an example I did for Candyman 187 earlier this week.  I went out on a limb and downloaded a demo of Cinema 4D and modeled some 3D text for my quote, unfortunately the demo only allows 640×400 renders so I wasn’t able to accomplish what I originally set out to do.  I did however complete 2 more solutions in addition to the Candyman 187 quote “I done sinned so much that it hurts to pray”.  Enjoy.

From Jay-Z's 'A Dream'
No bullshit.

Sebastian Bleak’s Solution: How I found the quote was kinda lazy (google) but man did it work out great for me. The quote really hit me and the image just came to mind. All I kept thinking when I read the quote was “shhhhhh” and the image popped in my head. I guess its because I feel like I gotta keep it all in. I haven’t been able to “confess” because I’ve been listening to the negativity around me. Now it’s time to change all that.

Simple font and a simple color pallet. I wanted to jumble the letters together to make it a little tough to read so that it draws you in and makes you read it and put some effort into reading and understanding the quote. Once you do, you’ll be treated to a really cool quote. I did that so you don’t just acknowledge the quote in passing, you have to kinda take it with you… my confession.

Mirage’s Solution: MORE THAN A BRAND, IT’S A WAY OF LIFE….

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