Set to Tumble -or- Self-Inflicted Portfolio Course Week #3

I’m a lil behind schedule in posting this considering we will be starting a new tutorial in an hour or so.  If you’re new to the idea, Sebastian Bleak, Freehand Profit (that’s me), Betsy Etsy and Martin get together each week and use our Sundays to soak up a new tutorial from  Each week I come up with an assignment and we post them here for the world to see and play along if they want.  Last week’s assignment was to put together a Tumblr page so that the work also gets seen.  Here they are.

Sebastian Bleak on his Tumblr said: I’m going through a transformation in the way I approach my life in Graphic Design. This will document the thought process behind the work and the actual work itself.

Freehand Profit set one up for Betsy too!

A social marketing genius highly suggested making my main page a Tumblr page so that I can keep it current and flooded with all the original content I create.  It’s still in the works but I can see where it would be wise to do as he said.  Especially once I know CSS and can really get under the hood and customize this a bit more.

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  1. You guys are geniuses at graphics design. We will always need graphic designers for different things. I have used graphic designers for my products and web design. Job well done!

    Hip Hop Interviews

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