Masks of the Past #5 – Shark G.A.S. Mask

Shark G.A.S. Mask

Here’s a Guerrilla Art Squadron mask designed during MASK365 on November 23, 2010. In honor of Shark Week I decided to post a new Mask of the Past.

Sharks have been around for more than 420 million years but this guy is the newest from Freehand Profit’s Guerrilla Art Squadron.   Before an exhibition in London of Caribbean sharks, the term “shark” had not been used.  Before then they were called “sea dogs”.

Now everybody hum the “Jaws” theme.

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  1. carol m says:

    Hey Gary! Congrats!! I knew you’d be a big hit on Urban Threads!! Was so awesum to open their site today and see you there! YEA!!! I helped to do a good thing!!!

    Very bestest to you!
    Mama Moates

  2. leftofdeth says:

    Cool Artwork, I like it a lot.

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