Goodbye Pandora, I’ll be in a 3-way with Grooveshark and Earbits

I gotta thank the homie Raaid (Head of Social Marketing at We Got The Juice) for puttin’ me on to Grooveshark and Earbits. You’ll also notice that Candyman 187 is featured on both Grooveshark and Earbits… yeah, Raaid’s that good at what he does.

Sometimes I go so far deep into hermit mode that it takes a while for news from the surface to get to me. Anyway, welcome to 2011, this is what we used to call ‘diggin’ in the crates’. Don’t forget the 5th element of Hip-Hop is participation. It’s up to you to search and find artists/styles/albums/songs that are obscure to you. I say it like that because I think a lot of underground and backpackers should listen to more mainstream (it can’t be all crap!) and that main-streamers gotta dig a bit deeper (Lil Wayne will never be the best emcee… EVER!).


So what’d I find on Earbits?  Yo, I really dug The Hatred (feat. Slaine, Singapore Kane & Lord Lhus) and I ended up checking out the entire SnowGoons album on Grooveshark later on in the day.  If you like Jedi Mind Tricks as much as I do then you’ll love this.  I also am listening to some dope tracks like Valiant by Look Daggers, Jermiside & Danny Diggs’ Maintainin, Life It Is by El Da Sensei & Returners, and A Different World featuring L.F. by Lone Catalysts.




Wu-Tang ain't nuttin' to f*ck wit!

On Grooveshark I enjoyed the hell outta Wu’s new album Legendary Weapons and still lovin’ Tech N9ne’s album All 6’s and 7’s.  I also fed my monthly artist addiction, Tash is closin’ out the summer. (Every month or so I fall back in love with an emcee or an album i.e. this time last year I was bumping Big Pun like it was ’98 again)

This track from EarMilk is killer… don’t hate.  Rolling In The Deep – Adele V. Jay-Z V. Biggie Smalls from MashUp Mondays

What are you thinkin’ about the Jay-Z & Kanye collab?  The Throne, right?  I heard a couple of the tracks, pretty good, nothing grabbed me just yet.  Kanye makes me cringe sometimes but the combination of him with Jay is clearly magical.  Don’t act too cool for school on this on, they both step their game up when they work with each other.  Jigga’s verse on Diamonds of Sierra Leone Remix proves that loud and clear.

Personally I got another possible collab in mind.  I’ll say this… Candyman 187 is killin’ it right now in the clubs with High Off The Fame and in the streets with Show ‘Em All and I was blown away by the tracks Misconception and Bohemian Grove from Zodiak Killa‘s upcoming album.

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