The glass is half toned (or) Self-inflicted Portfolio Course week no. 2



Sebastian Bleak and I spent another Sunday with Lynda last weekend.  Here’s what we came up with for our assignment.  This is our attempt at creating our own portfolio course by learning and expanding our knowledge of Adobe CS5.  Each week we hang out and watch tutorials in order to rehone our skills and we come up with a weekly design assignment to refocus new and re-imagined techniques.  This week we show our love for halftones.

Assignment Week no.2

Using the FX panel in the Appearance palette, create complex halftone patterns as design elements and use them in a design.

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Freehand Profit’s Solution

I feel like I should give myself a failing grade on this one.  I love the design but halftones definitely became an element instead of the focus.  I couldn’t help it, I saw it and I went for it.  I think it’s a tremendous success as a design but like I said, I didn’t complete the project as it was assigned. – Freehand Profit

Sebastian Bleak’s Solution

So this one was kinda AMAZING! It was just fun playing around with halftones since we’ve been trying to figure out how to make them for sooooo long. Most of the shapes were done, re-done, and re-re-done. I liked trying to do more shapes because I kept learning how to make them better and with different styles. It wasn’t all about the halftoning for me though. I still used stuff I learned from the past assignment. I have multiple fills, multiple strokes, and multiple effects on the same paths to get some cool results. I learned a bunch of stuff I know I’m going to be using for my future designs. I can’t wait to see what madness you have created!!! – Sebastian Bleak

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  1. I’m halftoned!!!!!!

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