Futurama series Guerrilla Art Squadron mask – Fry

I gotta tip my hat to the delivery boy with the balls to be his own grandpa.  Fry was so far ahead of his time that he had to be frozen so he could kick it with robots and pine after a cyclops hottie.  This is the last in the Futurama G.A.S. series for now, it’s too tempting to do the entire cast (I really wanna do Hermes, Farnsworth & Hypnotoad).   I’m going to explore the casts of some of my other favorite cartoons and shows… maybe The Wire or Fullmetal Alchemist, or maybe a Miyazaki tribute series.  Here’s a video of the creation of the Fry G.A.S. Mask.   Soundtrack by Candyman 187 – “High Off The Fame” instrumental.

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