Gettin’ High Off The Fame… Candyman 187 ft. Snoop Dogg & Ariano music video

This is a killer video.  Candyman 187 is flexing his versatility on you with this track.  Normally a traditional gangster rapper with unmatched lyricism, he teamed up with Snoop Dogg and Ariano and brought you this summer’s club banger.  Candyman 187 has something for everyone, backpackers will love “Show ‘Em All”, rock heads will aggro out to “Stressed”, if ya dig some funk take a listen to “Kalifornia Soul feat. AMG”, my personal favorite is still “Long Roadz” off his self-titled EP.  Candyman 187’s upcoming album “If Tomorrow Never Comes” (ITNC) is coming this fall and has the makings of a classic album.  ‘Til then watch the “High Off The Fame” music video featuring Snoop Dogg and keep an eye peeled for your favorite Havenotz, including myself – Freehand Profit.

You can find Candyman 187 on iTunes and Amazon as well as a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Show ‘Em All” at

(While you’re there enjoy the art and design, all done by yours truly – Freehand Profit)

West up! Candyman 187, Snoop Dogg & Freehand Profit

I was on behind the scenes during the second day of shooting with my camera in hand.

 Here’s some photos from the amazing video shoot.

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