Candyman 187 releases new single “High Off The Fame” featuring Snoop Dogg

Candyman 187 & Snoop Dogg are going to get y’all addicted.  In the 80’s hustlers were pushing crack, rappers have been talking about moving powder since before Jay was wearing Hawaiian shirts, Candyman 187 has an even more lethal drug for your veins… fame.  Better yet it, it won’t leave track marks in your ears… take a listen and get hooked.  GrooveShark,  an internationally available online music search engine, music streaming service and more, has featured “High Off The Fame” and with some help from Freehand Profit design a Candyman 187 theme.  “High Off The Fame” featuring Snoop Dogg is available now on your favorite music store including iTunes.  There are some killer remixes out there too.

And make sure you admire that album art!

Album Art for High Off The Fame designed by Freehand profit

3 Comments Add yours

  1. HipHopHead says:

    It’s a dope track and will be a summer hit no doubt but it’s not cool that Ariano Price was not given props in anyway at all. What would the song be without Ariano singing that catchy ass hook??? Bad look but still a dope track.

  2. It takes a village for sure, there’s love for everyone who worked on this project – much love to Rod Castro, DJ Wicked, Greg Cash, The Havenotz and of course Ariano for the hook.

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