Never stop learning…

I’m always looking to hone the edge of my artistic blade.  Now that I’m working for Candyman 187, the importance of being ahead of the curve has never been higher.  So I teamed up with Sebastian Bleak to motivate and create our own portfolio course in combination with tutorials from  Our goal is to learn the new aspects of our favorite programs like Photoshop and Illustrator and apply these techniques in self-appointed assignments.  We’ll share these assignments with you and you can play along from home.

The first tutorial that we were mesmerized by was Illustrator Insider Training: Rethinking the Essentials by Mordy Golding.  Like most tutorials it started slow while Mordy laid a foundation for the boulder of knowledge he was about to drop on us.  To be honest we only got through Chapter 3 on our first sitting, blame it on the good.  That was enough to get our pencils moving though (pun intended: design gets me hot lol).  This week’s assignment spawned from our new desire to master graphic styles and complex appearances.

Assignment Week no.1

Create an interesting and compelling design using only 1 or 2 basic shapes and/or paths by creating and applying graphic styles.  Focus on and familiarize yourself with the abilities of the ‘Appearance’ palette.

(Send us your solution to this week’s assignment! We’d love to share it with the world.)

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Freehand Profit’s Solution

My solution was inspired by QR Codes and the design of the new Beastie Boys album ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part 2’, I freakin’ love the way the designer took such a simple and current form and made it a new and original piece of art.  The color palette was from an amazing collection of Handpicked Color Palettes by Artention.

This is how the wire frame looks...
Here's how it looks with the graphic style applied.
Applied in real life scenario as art for a Create & Inspire mixtape.

Sebastian Bleak’s Solution

So I went against what I would normally do and sent you the fist one I did. ONE AND DONE!!! For the main shape, I used 10 strokes and 5 fills. One of the fills is a pattern fill that I created and included. I used 3 fills and 2 strokes to create that. I only used black, turquoise, and yellow at different values to keep  it harmonious. Am I happy with it, no. Am I happy I did it, yes.

This is how the wire frame looks...
Here's how it looks with the graphic style applied.
This is the wire frame for the pattern fill...
Here's how the pattern looks with the graphic style applied.

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