New Single from Candyman 187!

I love bringing people the newest, dopest music… even better when it’s free.  Zodiak Killa gave us The Machete Mixtape & DOS!K gave you the kHARMa Mixtape.  Today Candyman 187 is going to show you all!

I’ve been working with my brother and the talented rapper Candyman 187 for almost ten years now.  On his new track “Show Em All” he speaks to all the dreamers, not the daydreamers just imagining what if, but to the dreamers who hustle, struggle and fight to make those dreams a reality.  I’ve seen my brother’s fight to get his message heard and it’s a been a rollercoaster ride of low lows and high highs.  It is always a great experience helping Candyman 187 develop the visuals that accompany his music.  This time around I had help on the video side of things from Bug In A Cup Productions.  I’m proud to call myself a Havenot and present to you the newest from Hip-Hop’s future king… Candyman 187.  Sign up to fight by our side as Havenotz and you can download “Show ‘Em All” for free.

Click to visit and download 'Show 'Em All' for FREE

If you like the design and imagery on the website you’ll be happy to know it was designed by yours truly, Freehand Profit.

One Comment Add yours

  1. liz says:

    I love the new song…. Propz! I will be signing up!

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