Blame it on that good…

Whaaaaaat?  That’s not a mask!

I am going to be expanding my work even more and sharing with you different projects I’ll be working on and new designs that I create. When I first moved to LA the medical marijuana business was booming and some of my first west coast clients were dispensaries.  Logos, flyers and business cards as usual but the real fun was designing exclusive t-shirts for the shops.  I called the line “Strains” and used the names of different strains as inspiration for each print.  A crowd favorite was the OG Kush but my personal favorite was the White Rhino design.  Remembering how much I enjoyed the work and the positive response I received to the work, I am going to pick up where I left off.  This time I will be also offering prints on paper and one of a kind paintings.  First up… Cherry AK47.  And like an L, make sure you pass this on.

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