The ones that didn’t make it…

Whaaat?  Did you expect to come here today and hear nothing but crickets?  I couldn’t stay away.  And I have something bound to make you laugh.  These masks were ones I created throughout the year that never got posted.  They just weren’t what I had invisioned when I started working on them.  Here’s a 365 version of a blooper reel:

I was REAL pissed that this wasn’t coming out the way I imagined.  What made it worse is that I forgot how beautifully peanut butter melts… beautiful on an english muffin with some hot dogs yes, all over my face… NO!  Looking at it now I might redo it in the winter (colder so it’s not 100 degrees in my apartment and I’m sweating JIF) and if I had a volunteer I could spend more time working with the bread.  Maybe a different jelly too, this one was too heavy.  BTW, notice my devotion to store brand! =D

The disappointing thing about this gas mask made from scraps of sign vinyl (ya know, the stuff your Sublime sticker was made of) was that I just didn’t take the necessary time to document it.  It looked so great in person and I didn’t check to make sure I had a good photo of it before I threw it out.  Learn from me… I also didn’t have a road map like Noah Scalin’s 365: Daily Creativity Journal that gives great advice like DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT!

The sin here was my pride and sloth.  I wouldn’t post these because I didn’t want to admit I didn’t know a good technique for photographing mirrors and I was too lazy to look up suggestions online…. soooo…. these awesome fogged mirror gas masks never made it up.

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  1. Noah says:

    Thanks for sharing these! I love the behind the scenes perspective. I know the pain of not having things go well when there’s a limited amount of time to get something done.

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