Nike Air Force 1s Gas Mask – Mask 360

May 11, 2011 – Nike Air Force 1s Women’s Gas Mask

“There are no more cracks in our city’s fog anymore.  The Smog paints our city colors we could never imagine.  Sunsets explode and dance in ways reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis, but that was just an urban legend.  There are no more wide open spaces, just 24 hour video rentals, stacked up apartments and food production facilities that vaguely mask petri dish proteins as pork and beans.  It’s not much of a life but it’s a testament to style and survival.  Adapt or die, fashion as culture is passed down the generations and becomes a different entity all together.  Brands of masks become flags like those divers will use, or maybe more like the flags of LA’s past – where the youth took each others lives for colors. “

– Page 4 of ARTifact 3, Site 2-1 (Excavation date: 5/11/2603)

The last ten masks of MASK365 focus on the bodies of work that have come from my year long project.  Yesterday was a new entry into the Gas Mask Pin Up Girls, tomorrow will be another infamous Guerrilla Art Squadron design but today is for my fellow sneakerheads.  My work pokes fun but is only half kidding at an Apocalypse that is survived by the 5 horsemen (Pestilence, War, Famine, Death & Fashion).  ‘The Branding Wars’ is a series that I don’t intend to condemn our consumerism, instead just hold a fun house mirror to it. It’s almost as if these masks become characters that I’ve cast in a movie that is still being pitched.  I’m toying with the idea of a graphic novel based on the G.A.S. series but ‘The Branding Wars’ series seems more of a study for a future epic oil painting.  That could also be my leanings towards the medium I am “comfortable” with my art being.  Let me explain that a little more clearly: I am not a painter in the sense of great oil painters like Christopher Ulrich or Alan Macdonald but as an artist can’t shake the personal perception of painting as the top of the hierarchy.  Intellectually I understand that painting as a medium can be taken down from it’s pedestal but something still effects me on a deeper level when I’m standing in front of a painting I admire or have created myself.

Big thanks to Nichole Roldan for modeling today’s mask.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. B says:

    WOW the details on this one are even crazier than on the last one!
    (Like the “Air” on the air canister- AWESOME)

    And this one also really has some character to it, with those Nike swoops looking like eyebrows!

    GREAT work!

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