Masked Foomi Outlaw – Mask 345

April 26, 2011 – Masked Foomi Outlaw Custom Vinyl Figure

This month is Munny Month and the folks at KIDROBOT and MUNNYWORLD are havin’ a huge DIY contest.  You know my vinyl fiendin’ ass had to throw my masks in the ring.  This is my second entry in the contest.  Please take a second to click ‘like’ on the entries page and show your favorite masked mad man some love.  The more votes the better my chances are at winning the ‘People’s Choice’.  I’m coveting the ‘James Brown’ award for hardest worker but the competition is stiffer than a pubescent boy at a women’s volleyball tournament.  You may not recognize this figure as your typical DIY MUNNY.  That could be for a number of reasons.  First being that it is one of two brand new characters released by KIDROBOT.  The second being that they may have to start calling me Franken Profit instead of Freehand Profit, just like when I was a kid I had to take my toys apart.  The body is actually the body of fellow superhuman mad scientist, Mohinder Suresh from Heroes.  I followed a great tutorial by Jared Cain aka Nikejerk on “How to Strip a Dunny”, I recommend not skipping any steps.  I’m horrible about that, I just dive in without looking and would  have saved myself some pain if I had done it how he said (I didn’t use gloves or take my time).  Luckily, I did a few tests on other pieces before jumping in.  GREAT FYI: A stiff bristle brush can really clean the crevices of a more intricate figure.  This piece is only the beginning, I can’t wait to start customizing and frankenstein-ing more figures and vinyl.

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  1. Booters says:


  2. Very smooth kind of guy.

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