Air Jordan 1 “Lakers” Gas Mask – Mask 332

April 13, 2011 – NIKE X PROFIT – Air Jordan 1s Gas Mask

In a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles sometimes it’s hard to hear the thunder over the bass drop.  That’s just how DOS!K the THIRD likes it, his family was always in control of sound and despite the Branding Wars he continues the legacy.  Amongst the ruins they siphon power from various archaic generators around the city, namely crumbled hospitals and the skeletal remains of schools and universities.  Some survivors curse his waste of power for music but The Chosen hear only the gift.  Civilization dies countless deaths in the scheme of things, only to be resurrected by our own future.  The nine muses of Ancient Greece are the true ageless immortals.

If there’s one thing that has come of the nearly completed MASK365 project I would have to say it’s The Branding Wars series.  I really had never worked in this fashion.  It also somehow emphasized my work’s need for a storyline even more than my experience in illustration.

Materials supplied by Ak from The Havenotz

Check back here Friday, DOS!K has created an ill mixtape in collaboration with Freehand Profit called kHARMa and we’ll be releasing it free for download.

Check out more from The Branding Wars series.

Gucci Purse Gas Mask

Nike SB Blazer Gas Mask

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Ecko Red Purse Gas Mask

Puma Gas Mask

And speaking of branding… here’s a shameless plug.

Featuring I Tag LA by Profit Ink Clothing

Also available in Women’s.

29 Comments Add yours

  1. Boots says:

    WOW!!! This one IS FANTASTIC!

    I STILL can’t understand how you look at a shoe, and your brain takes it apart and re-assembles it into THIS. SERIOUSLY. Awesome.

    Also, your construction skills on these seem to just be getting better and better! It’s not that they were lacking before -BUT- as you get more comfortable with the media and tools you’re using, the level of finesse is going through the roof!!! For example, I love the circular pattern (from the sole of the shoe) on the bottom of the cannister! NICE DETAILS!! 😀

  2. This is one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen when it comes to sneakers. I’m blown away by what you did with these and your other sneaker gas masks. I salute you for your work. How can I get my hands on one for my collection?

    For your reference, we’re featuring you on SneakerObsession 🙂

  3. keug says:


    It’s a good job.

  4. garcia vegas says:

    how do i buy this mask

    1. Hey Garcia,
      Thanks for your interest. This mask has already been purchased, I am taking custom orders. You can find my email address here:

  5. djfatalitylr says:

    Dude thats awesome. Are you making more or is it a 1 of 1 thing?

    1. They’re a 1 of 1 thing but I do take commissioned orders.

      1. djfatalitylr says:

        Cool. Is there an email I can contact you at for more info?

      2. Sure, you can find me contact info here.

  6. Young Savage says:

    do you make them an sell them or is it just for show ?

    if you sell any how much for one ?

    1. As an artist I make them and show them in various art galleries. They sell in galleries for $250-750. I also do commisioned work.

      1. DANTY says:

        Would love to make an Order. Can we exchange numbers or chat anywhere else?

      2. Contact info & info on commissions can be found in the FAQ on

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