Darth Yoda G.A.S. Mask – Mask 331

April 12, 2011 – Darth Yoda G.A.S. Mask

“Do or do not, there is not try.” – Yoda

Preach it Master Yoda!  As I created the Yoda G.A.S. Mask I chose to blend the edges of the Force and combine the images of Yoda and Vader.  Where as in myth there can be archetypes of pure good and pure evil, Guerrilla Art Squadron operates in the real world and the lines aren’t always so clear.  Also the use of color once again carries much of the interpretation of this design.  Can we all agree at this point that Star Wars is not just a fascination to me and my fellow nerds at heart but is truly the newest in a series of our world’s mythology?

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