VHS Masks – Mask 330

April 11, 2011 – VHS Masks

Almost fell asleep tonight without posting a new mask, shameful I know. It’s okay, I’m sure you’ll forgive me when you see I got a 2 for 1 today. Most of your probably haven’t seen one of these since 2002 but there’s something not only nostalgic but also aesthetic about a VHS tape.  They were our visual mixtapes as we recorded and recorded over our favorite TV shows and movies. I held on to my copy of Denis Leary’s ‘No Cure For Cancer’ on VHS for years before they finally released it on DVD, his ‘Lock N Load’ had been tragically been taped over.

This week’s going to be a lot of fun here at MASK365.  I have a new Branding Wars gas mask made from a pair of Air Jordans and a mixtape from DOS!K dropping Friday and it’s gonna be FREE.  Your welcome.

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