Masks of the Past #3 – Post-It Note Gas Mask

This was an early mask that I’m still really proud of.  A lot of the masks created during MASK365 are a gamble, a roll of the artistic dice.  Especially early on, I focused on working with new and/or unconventional materials and techniques.  It was important and very much the purpose of this project when starting out that I explore and take chances.  That exploration has allowed me to find and develop a much more confident artistic voice, that being the secondary goal of my daily project, MASK365.

“If I had thought about it, I wouldn’t have done the experiment. The literature was full of examples that said you can’t do this.”

— Spencer Silver, Inventor of Post-It Notes

June 25, 2010 – Post It Note Gas Mask

How fitting for today’s mask! Each post it note was drawn by itself, square by square. I had no idea if any of it was gonna line up when I put them together. I was pleased when I stepped back and saw this starring back at me. 182 post-it notes went in to this piece and when it forms together like Voltron it goes from a stack of 3″ by 3″ to a drawing measuring 39″x 42″. Not only does it look great but it was a lot of fun, this may be the start of a series of work. And how convenient is it that I can create large work that breaks down in to a smaller, easier to store stack (comes in real handy in a studio apartment). Its lunchtime here so I’m gonna go try this soy burger I ordered, you should check out EverythingBurger & The Burger365 project to get your taste buds and imagination set to drool mode.

Be easy, stay greasy…

Freehand Profit


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