Masks of the Past: Nike Gas Mask

This is the first entry called Masks of the Past.  My way of sharing my favorite masks that I’ve created for the MASK365 project.  I’ll sprinkle these throughout the weeks to come in order to share them with our newest followers.

Today’s is a personal and crowd favorite.  Most recently it demanded attention while on exhibit during LA Fashion Week at Project Ethos: Carpe Diem at the Avalon in Hollywood.

November 12, 2010 – NIKE X PROFIT Gas Mask + Ad Concept

Like in ‘American Gods’, there’s a storm coming.  The march has begun, the War of the Brands has begun.  Money is short, bills don’t always get paid… but you’ll be damned if you don’t have a fresh pair of sneakers.  You’re a Private Solider or a General Hustler.   Alliance and Axis have spread their godly fingers and chosen their teams.  Which side are you on?

Freehand Profit took a brand new pair of Green Spark Nike SB Blazers apart at the seams, from destruction, creation begins.  As a sequel to the Gucci Gas Mask Purse and the second in a brewing series and as MASK 180 from the MASK365 project.

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