Savage Beast Air Force 1’s Gas Mask – Mask 299

March 11, 2011 – Savage Beast Air Force 1’s Gas Mask

Ak from The Havenotz hooked me up with a sick pair of the Savage Beast Air Force 1’s to make a new Branding Wars Gas Mask piece from.  Want to know more about these wild shoes, check out this post from

The Branding War series represents the beginning of the post-Apocalypse.  Tribes of urbanites have infused style into survival.  It began with the Nike Blazer Gas Mask and the Gucci Gas Mask and now the newest addition, the Savage Beast AF1 Gas Mask.

Our prayers are with the people of Japan as they recover from an 8.9 earthquake last night.  The state of the world and the continuing growth and magnitude of natural disasters brings a eerie sense of possibility to my depiction of a post apocalypse.  These pieces were never meant to instill fear yet seem to very much reflect our fears.  Rest assured and bring some solace to your nerves in knowing that every generation has had this sense that the end is nigh.  It seems to have changed my responsibility in this body of work to express the hybrid nature of our materialism and extravagance in the face of a possibly dying world.  The context seems to change from science fiction to that of holding a mirror facing our future.

-Freehand Profit

Converse Chuck Taylor Gas Mask

Ecko Red Purse Gas Mask

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