“Going to Pieces” Mixed Media on Wood Panel – Mask 284

February 24, 2011 – “Going to Pieces” Mixed Media on Wood Panel

“Going to Pieces” is a piece that represents the stress we all feel on a daily basis where we feel like we’re being pulled in too many different directions. Temptations, responsibilities, even your own dreams and goals can seem to add stress.

Size: 8″x8″x1 3/4″ deep

Based on a character sketch and part of a daily, year long project called MASK365, “Going to Pieces” comes in at number 284. You can see the rest on freehandprofit.wordpress.com.

Freehand Profit is a Los Angeles based artist who earned his name as a graffiti artist in DC and Northern Virginia. In 2005 he graduated Corcoran College of Art & Design with a BA in Fine Arts. Since then he’s rooted himself in LA’s Hip-Hop scene and has been working to forget what he learned in art school and make work without the pretentiousness that all too often accompanies “good” art.

Check out “Going to Pieces” for sale on Etsy.  This is my proverbial Etsy-cherry popping here folks so hate if you like but if you like please share.  God willing if there’s a good response to my Etsy listings some of your other favorite masks will be available for purchase as well.  Happy hunting!

Big thanks to Betsy Etsy and the homie Alex for finally shaking me enough to post on Etsy.  Betsy makes fantastic miniature food jewelry, her sushi boats are incredible.  Alex is a fellow Angeleno – born and raised – who’s work will always be in high demand.  Click on their names to see their awesome Etsy stores.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Betsy says:


    Thanks for the shout out, and congrats on your Etsy shop!!!! Good Luck!

    Sweet mask today too!! 😀

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