Whale Rider – Mask 282

February 22, 2011 – Whale Rider Illustration

“The world as we knew it transformed.  Laws of physics, evolution and reason melted away like the butter atop a stack of flapjacks.  Our hero’s grey matter twisted that around him to see what he wanted to see.  The skies swirled with the seas but not with the tumultuousness of the Book of Revelations but with the tranquility of a cool wave over hot sand. His mighty steed had no hooves or snout but instead a blow hole and wings – from where he sat it appeared they were feathered but the way they moved suggested they too were leathery flesh like the rest of the beast.

His life could no longer be the everyday grind and hustle that it had been for so many years.  The world wasn’t concrete and traffic nor was it responsibilities and requirements.  This new plane of existence he found himself on seemed to be a constant dream state, the only authority here were the synapses of imagination.  Around him some things made sense in their surrealism; he recognized objects of his subconscious.  In the distant horizon he was making out less familiar things, perhaps realms of a collective subconscious. That is where he was headed, without fear, without expectations.”

– Excerpt from the mind of Freehand Profit-

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  1. Char.L.Ton says:


  2. Betsy says:

    WOW Gary! This looks GREAT all done! 🙂


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