365 – A Daily Creativity Journal: A Road Map for Creativity

Noah Scalin, founder of Skull A Day (the inspiration for MASK365), recently released his newest book ‘365 – A Daily Creativity Journal‘.  What should come as no surprise the book hit home for me with the very first sentence – A daily creative project is a marathon.  How right he is, my creative muscles have strengthened and my stamina has increased, I know now how to better pace myself to deal with both life and the daunting task.  When I started however I was artistically out of shape,  its not that I didn’t have the capability but I didn’t have the mindset or the devotion that a successful artist must have.  I worked through my creative crash course but Noah reminds us in his atlas for 365ers that WE make the rules.  He gives the wary a very important philosophy – don’t let fear of not finishing keep you from starting.  Noah admits that his first daily haiku project was forgotten until he was already knee deep in skulls.

The book is truly a road map for a creative mind.  Too much paying attention in art school boxed me in and it has taken more than 250 masks for me to realize I’m the one making the rules and dammit I like changing them to suit my needs.

In a rut?  Get this book.   Find something that awakens the kid in you.  Its hard to be mad when you’re knuckling some paper mache.  Forget what its like to have fun? Get this book.  Do something a bit productive, get friends involved, entertain yourself in a way you haven’t since you were young.  Need an idea for a date?  Why not try one of the project ideas in Noah’s book?  That may sound crazy but if you can’t fall in love with a girl’s laugh when she’s pouring algenate mold on your face well then you’re missing the simple beauties in life.  And most importantly parents and teachers, this is the type of book that I would have loved as a kid.  Encourage your young artist to do their very own daily creative project, helping a child complete or at least start a daunting task can go a long way for their development and self esteem.

Make sure you check out his 365: Make Something Everyday Blog!

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  1. Noah says:

    Thanks for the beautiful review, I really appreciate it!

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