Puma Sneaker Gas Mask – Mask 265

February 5, 2011 – Puma Gas Mask

The Branding Wars continue and Puma makes its demands known.  Style, function and cutthroat performance are desirable attributes in a world destroyed by corporate greed and the collapse of the society.  Thousands died in the Second Plague but we had given too much power to our materialism.  It wasn’t enough to survive, fresh to death took on a whole new meaning.

Constructed from a pair of Puma sneakers, today’s mask belongs to a series of gas masks redesigned to explore our consumption of branded goods.  Hardly speaking from a pulpit, I’m a sinner – an addict to style.

See More from the Branding War series.

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Now let’s take a moment and reflect on the fact there are only 100 masks left!

And while we’re at it let’s check out the interview Freehand Profit did with Phusol Studios about MASK365.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Noah says:

    Simply amazing!

  2. Noah says:

    And only 100 to go? Congrats!

    1. Thanks bro, did you ever think when you started Skull A Day that it would inspire and branch out like it did?

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