Designer Half Skull Mask – Mask 261

February 1, 2010 – Designer Half Skull Mask

Here's what I started with...

So I started with this basic skull mask from this online costume shop.  I cut the bottom jaw off with a hot knife that the fabulous BetsyEtsy gave me, she’s a crafty dame.  I then wrapped the skull in a faux leather that I had printed with the Louis Vuitton X Freehand Profit pattern.  I added some details with spray paint and my trusty paint markers.  Candyman 187 from The Havenotz volunteered for the photo shoot and we went with a neo-classical Hip-Hop look with a blend of West & East coast flavors.  If you’re not familiar with Candyman 187 & The Havenotz take a look & a listen…

Listen – Check out and listen to samples from their EP – ALSO AVAILABLE ON iTUNES.

Take a look – A heavier rock inspired track from the upcoming album, the video for Stressed features Freehand Profit (wearing a mask of course).

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