Black Light Mask & New Profit Tee – Mask 238

Start with somethin’ simple.  Somethin’ classic.

New! Guerrilla Art Squadron shirts from Profit Ink!

Then light some nag champa.

Limited Edition Black Light Print - ONLY 33 AVAILABLE!

Did you know hot glue was black light reactive?  Also, can anyone suggest a hot glue that is not as stringy?  What types of glue do you prefer to use when you’re working?

The newest tee from Profit Ink is in!  Apparently WordPress doesn’t allow for functioning PayPal buttons so just follow the link to so you can get one for your very own.  Excuse the simplicity, this is built for function… full photo shoot coming soon!

A lil quick bit of info for folks new to Profit Ink.orporated Clothing.  Men’s shirts are printed on the classic Fine Jersey Tee by American Apparel – soft ringspun cotton, well-constructed, manufactured in Downtown LA (size chart/specs).  I made a bit of a switch for the ladies, a lil extra treat.  The women’s Walrus GAS Mask tees have been printed on Pima Apparel, a new and upcoming blank t-shirt manufacturer.  Somehow they managed to make a shirt that’s even softer than American Apparel and they have great feminine cuts – check out their site for sizing.

Purple for Men, Jade for Women, Black for Men & Women!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Noah says:

    Love the hot glue texture, great way to use a common material in a new way!

    1. Thanks Noah! I was real happy with how the photos turned out as well.

  2. Betsy says:

    WOW Gary, this is an EXCELLENT post!

    The mask looks great! I agree with Noah- just when I think I know everything about a craft material, someone opens up my eyes with a new application or approach!

    As far as less stringy goes… I’d suggest trying a lower temp glue gun/glue stick combo… I used to have a very low temp gun that took these special little multi-colored glue sticks… it was neat, actually, but I didn’t have a lot of reasons to use it… maybe I can find it for you…?

    I’m wearing my Profit hoodie right now… and I can’t wait for my Walrus T in Jade!!!

  3. christine says:

    That is AWESOME LOOKING! Perfect for Halloween! You just got on my Pinterest account. LOVE LOVE IT!

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