Conspiracy Pusher Vinyl Toy w/ Masks – Mask 228

December 30, 2010 – Conspiracy Pusher Vinyl Toy w/ Masks

Fed my addiction not long ago and picked up a bunch of DIY vinyls from Munky King.  The cats at Munky King are always real cool to talk to and they always have great deals.  I’ve been eying the Pusher by Thomas Han for a while now.  And how perfect is it that it comes with 4 masks.  This one shows the conspiracy nut side of me.  No one knows the truth about anything, there’s always two views and the truth is usually a mixture of those two sides.  I like grabbing that obscure third view that seems absurd like a low angle fish eye photograph.  The Conspiracy Pusher holds all of our deepest darkest secrets, knows all, plays evil puppeteer and never works alone.  Behind the mask is a abyss of confusion and a hypnotic identity.  The Skull represents the death of spirituality, the misdirection on the path to God within.  The Walrus represents the mask of innocence worn by history’s conspirators.  The Spider weaves its web around us like flies, feeding on our power and turning it into its own web of lies – the never ending cycle.  The One-Eyed Sniper, well… it’s obvious he’s the muscle.


Freehand Profit

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